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Pucks and PR

Because hockey is more than just a game

True North Sports & Entertainment unveiled the new Winnipeg Jets logo today at 4 p.m. local time. Reaction in the first half hour has been pretty mixed, as one would expect.

Inspired by the Canadian Air Force logo, the Jets will take to the ice in October with a completely different look. Aside from a basic similarity in colour scheme to the old logo, the new logo is unique to the new team.

There really is a no win situation for the logo. By keeping the old name, did that create an expectation to release a slightly updated version of the old logo? Or is it necessary to create a completely new brand?

For a completely new brand, the homage to the Canadian Forces and the continuation of a relationship with local 17 Wing is a nice touch. And desipte keeping the Jets name, True North has shown from the start that they want this franchise to be new – not just a recycled version of the team that failed in 1996.

It’s hard to believe this will ever become a classic NHL logo. But for a new team that has been faced with drafting, free agency and personnel hirings all within a few short months of coming into existence, this logo is a good result.

If nothing else, it certainly isn’t as bad as the Phoenix Coyotes logo that replaced the old Jets logo…


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