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Pucks and PR

Because hockey is more than just a game

Source: Reuters

There have been legitimate reasons to riot throughout history. Deep, disturbing political and social reasons. Losing a hockey game is not one.

Passion for the sport of hockey is what makes Canada a desirable hockey market. The return to Winnipeg, despite market size, is a perfect example of this. But is there anything worse for the image of Canadian hockey fans than what happened in Vancouver on Wednesday night?

That small group of people, who felt compelled to destroy property for no good reason at all, really ruined it for everyone else. Vancouver is a passionate hockey market with a lot of good fans, but this fact will be hard to remember amidst all the riot coverage.

The cleanup has begun. As regular people come out to help, Vancouver’s image will slowly be restored. Full and passionate condemnation of these actions needs to be the next step. Not just by the Vancouver Canucks, but all hockey clubs and the NHL.

No professional sport needs to have images circulating of cars being lit on fire by jersey-clad rioters.


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